The Center of the Legal Universe

After launching Simon Law Group — aka Justice Team — with my twin brother Brad in 2009 and scaling it to an 8-figure firm in just a few months, I quickly noticed how much the larger, stodgy firms were sucking all the life out of promising young lawyers. The name partners had their fancy corner offices, ostentatious mansions, and multiple yachts, while the talented and more compassionate lawyers wasted years grinding away on bullshit tasks and not trying cases — getting nowhere.

That was the seed from which Justice HQ sprouted. What would happen if we took all these trapped, future, legal stars and provided them with a shared workspace, endless resources, up-to-date technology, consummate mentorship, and the power of collaboration? I’ll tell you what — they would end up ditching the big law boy clubs and launching their own solo practices. That’s exactly what’s been happening since Justice HQ launched in late 2019 and the clients are reaping the benefits. It’s a subject I feel so strongly about, I even wrote an ebook about it.

All this and I’m just getting started. I invest in tech that continues to evolve the industry, I spread the gospel whenever I get the chance, and I habitually piss off the dinosaurs of the legal world who are forever lost in the Stone Age. 

This is my planet. The weather can get hostile, but the air is quite livable. Pour yourself some whiskey and see yourself around.

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