How Technology is Rapidly Changing the Way Attorneys Practice Law

Robert Simon is the co-founder of the Simon Law Group and Justice HQ. For the last 15 years, he has been a practicing personal injury attorney with a passion for legal technology. For Simon, technology has always been a part of his daily practice, unfortunately, this has not been true for all attorneys. However, in 2020 the pandemic created a catalyst for technology, unlike anything the legal industry has ever seen before.

How have you seen technology change the way attorneys practice law in the last year?

Robert Simon: Prior to 2020, a lot of attorneys and older law firms were resistant to embracing technology. Even LA County was still using the antiquated DOS system just 5 years ago! I think that attorneys were unable to imagine another alternative for the in-person practice they had been doing all their lives. In March, all of that changed. Suddenly, as attorneys were forced into virtual settings, they began to realize that perhaps it was possible to conduct client consultations or even depositions over Zoom. 

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