How Technology Can Save Attorneys And Their Clients Time and Money

Technology is rapidly changing the way lawyers practice law. The smart attorneys will take advantage of new technology, while those that resist will simply be left behind. The Simon Law Group is an excellent example of a practice that has embraced all that technology has to offer. At 40 years old, co-founders and twin brothers Robert and Brad Simon are the oldest members of their office. Perhaps that is why technology has been ingrained in their processes from the very beginning. Their young, but spirited team, has quickly become one of southern California’s most sought after personal injury practices.

A few years ago, the Simon Law Group began automating its discovery process. The discovery process is a pre-trial procedure in which the attorney gathers all the information needed for the case. Prior to automating, this process could take up to two weeks. Now they are able to obtain the same information in a matter of hours. “This is a huge time saver for our attorneys,” explains Simon, “Now they’re freed up to spend more time actually working on the client’s case. Furthermore, for attorneys that practice hourly, this saves hundreds of dollars for the client!” Through the use of artificial intelligence, the attorneys are able to generate questions and predictive responses aimed at gathering all the information necessary to build a solid case.

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