Robert Simon 2016 Orange County Trial Lawyer of the Year

Distinguished Achievement: Robert Simon continues to set the bar and obtain outstanding results that are beyond the ordinary. In the past year, Robert obtained jury verdicts totaling over $44M, trying 9 cases, and winning 8 with one hung jury, which resulted in a large settlement. Here is a sample.

1. Whipple v. US Metro LASC Case No. BC 50058. $2.65M verdict on a $50k defense offer. The 15 year old plaintiff was sexually assaulted by a neighbor who took her to work sites to cover his acts.

2. Pickett v. Norian; LASC Case No. SC118893, $16,486,072 verdict in which Robert describes as a light impact case.

3. Bermudiz v. Ciolek, OCSC Case No. 30-2012-00539759; $3,706,793 verdict in a car v. bicycle accident. Plaintiff broke his pelvis and kneecap. Defendants appealed and lost, giving plaintiffs a great published opinion on liens and reasonable value of medical services.

4. Hansen v. Werner Enterprises, Riverside Federal Court, Case No. ED CV 14-02090; $10.7M jury verdict, truck v. auto accident. Plaintiff underwent 2 neck surgeries, chronic pain interfering with work.

5. Rodriguez v. Parada; SFSC Case No. CGC-14-537543. Jury verdict of $3,807,200.00 in a rear end accident, plaintiff had one level cervical fusion with no lost wages claimed.

6. Chavez v. LDS Church: LASC Case No. BC541046; $1,264,364 jury verdict in a rear end accident. Plaintiff had neck surgery with good result.

7. Martinez-Sanchez v. Ahlem; Santa Cruz Case No. CV178658; $3.6M jury verdict in a wrongful death case, auto v bicycle.

8. Baca v. Castro, RSCS Case No. RIC 1409620. $1.15M jury verdict in a light impact car collision case. Surgery on plaintiff’s shoulder and back. Defense offered $50k.